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    About Us

    Thank you for visiting our website. With so much noise out there, we are truly honoured with great visitors like you!

    Mufti Finance was established in 2001. From its humble beginnings, we are now one of the top mortgage broking firms in Sydney.

    Our goal has been the same since we opened our doors. We help people like you manage their finances in the best way possible.

    We understand that the world of banking is confusing. With all these different lenders advertising all these ‘special offers’. How do you decide what is truly right for you? We all need someone genuine to guide us along the way. This is where we come into the picture. You tell us your story and we will share our honest opinion. 

    We propose solutions to specifically suit your circumstances. Our job is to put options on the table. You decide how to proceed. No pushy sales stuff, just genuine advice.

    Whether you are looking to buy your first home, purchase an investment property or want to refinance and consolidate your debts, you can be sure to get the right guidance from our team.