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    No Deposit or Guarantor Home Loans

    A no deposit home loan is supported by equity from another property. Either owned by you or a family member.

    If you own another property which has plenty of equity (defined as value of the property less amount owing on the loan), you can potentially borrow 100% on a new property you want to purchase either for investment or living in purposes. You can even add the stamp duty and solicitor fees to the loan! To work out if this is possible for you, you need to contact us and we can do the calculations.

    For those who need help getting into the property market for the first time, we can do the same thing and use your parents or siblings equity to borrow the full amount of the purchase price and any associated costs. This is known as an 'equity guarantee'. The guarantors will provide some information about themselves and the property they wish to use as security. The guarantors income is not tested as the whole loan is taken up by the applicants who are purchasing the property. However the lender will ask specific questions to the guarantors to ensure they are comfortable to provide the guarantee. Once again, the property being purchased can be for investment or living in purpose. To get more information on these type of loans, definitely get in touch. We have helped lots of clients in these situations and will run you through the the best options on the market.